Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - September 8, 2007
The Windy City Inn - Chicago, IL

(Note: Photos of Lynda Farley's Liberty Van below.)

I hope you'll enjoy the above photos from our most recent Illinois Smokers Rights meeting in Chicago on September 8, 2007.

John Manning was our gracious host and Mike Gold purchased refreshments for all present. I became ill on the morning of our meeting, but my sister drove into Chicago to represent us and chair our scheduled meeting. Although it was not practical to follow our planned agenda, constructive conversations, an enthusiastic brainstorming session, and new ideas were presented.

Since I was unable to be present for our meeting, I am publishing comments from Karen, my sister, in review of our meeting (below), along with the photos of our "literature / promotional items", pool table.

Best regards,
Garnet Dawn - Illinois Smokers Rights -
The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter - - Respect Freedom of Choice!


Dear Illinois Smokers Rights Advocates,

We held our quarterly meeting today at The Windy City Inn (John Manning, Proprietor). We had a small crew today and Garnet could not attend, due to the flu....
- Lynda Farley
- Jason T.
- Mike Gold (Arango Cigar Co., Northbrook, IL.)
- Sheryl Johnson
- Allan Marshall
- Ralph Connor (Heartland Institute)
- Karen Zetterlund (Garnet's Sis)

We missed all of you that did not attend, but held a meaningful meeting, none the less. The meeting ran three hours and wrapped up around 5:00 p.m. A lot was discussed regarding various ways to spread the word about our plight, however again, people need to be aggressive on their own!

Lynda Farley continues to make a heroic effort with her van, flyers, etc. On several occasions, I have passed out Illinois Smokers Rights pens, matches and "Please Don't Poop In My Salad" books, to coworkers and bars. I also found myself on US99 (99.5 FM), due to the demeaning way the morning show hosts were referring to smokers. We NEED more of this though! Whether we have 7 . 17 . 27 or more people at these meetings ... just our conversations in a short period of time, in confined surroundings will NOT cut the mustard! WE NEED TO GET THE PUBLIC INVOLVED!!!

Ralph's idea ... Get a place with music, drink, smoking (party atmosphere) involved. Bring in the voting public and subtly make them aware of what their elected officials have in store for them. Our rights, that our forefathers intended for us so many years ago, are disappearing!!

Thank you.
Karen Z.


As a special postscript from our last meeting on September 8, 2007, I want to extend special thanks from all of us to Lynda Farley and showcase her Liberty Van in the following photo collection she has shared with us.

In Lynda's words:

"...When traveling in IL, I've been putting pre-printed signs on BOTH sides of that van. Gee, I have my own website too, but YOURS is the best one to use in IL, so I've been pasting the sign right OVER my own web address for my travels in IL. Hope you get some more members from it."

"I am an early retired grandma, with no record of crime nor any other 'issues'. I now raise show dogs, and travel about 40,000 miles/year all over the USA with my dog show van

Since December, 2005, I have been 'creatively expressing my First Amendment Rights' with this van. It started with the 'we can't say Merry Christmas' thing. I painted MERRY CHRISTMAS across both side windows, and put Christmas Trees on both sides. Since then, I added greatly to the art work, and have been a total of about 70,000 miles all over the USA, except for the far Northwest.

This van has been parked in front of every Statehouse from KY to Maine, KY to Sacramento, and KY to Florida since then, and several times in front of the Capitol building in Washington DC."

Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - June 23, 2007
The Windy City Inn - Chicago, IL

Our first physical meeting this year on June 23 at the Windy City Inn rewarded us with excellent attendance. Our meetings have become opportunities to see friends again from previous meetings and also to meet new people with fresh views and suggestions. Everyone was enthusiastic and the atmosphere was friendly and focused.

We had attendees present from a wide variety of northern and middle Illinois counties and cities and we were pleased to welcome for the first time John Colletti, Managing Partner of Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse on Rush (in Chicago); Joe Fay of Naperville; Ken and Julie Neumann of "Cigars and More" in Libertyville; and Gary Kayser with his wife, Jackie. Once again, the input of ideas was really wonderful.

Those who are present at our meetings know that they can be confident no reporters are present who could possibly misinterpret any statements made and everyone is able to speak freely. This is one of the reasons we begin every meeting by all introducing ourselves briefly.

On the subject of civil disobedience, Joe Fay invited us all to join in a demonstration to be held in Naperville over this coming Labor Day week-end. Pro-choice advocates plan, among other activities, to distribute candy cigarettes to all present. We should learn more details about their upcoming event as it draws closer.

Several of our core activists in Illinois' war for Freedom of Choice, from previous meetings and online also were present. Among those attending were Jim Blogg, Jason, Elizabeth, Fred, Sheryl, Andrew, Judi, Allen, Linda Casey and Kyle, Karen (my sister), and of course, John Manning. We were also pleased to meet Leslie and her husband, Victor, from Orland Park for the first time in person. (Leslie is "Meowmmy" for those of you who will recognize her e-mail name.)

For anyone following our organizational progress, "Illinois Smokers Rights" is now also recognized by Illinois as a Charitable Organization, in addition to its status as a non-profit corporation. We also had an excellent profile published in the Pioneer Press this spring, entitled "Smokers Rights founder fights state smoking ban". If you would like to read it, the article can be found at,G1-smokingclub-042607-s1.article

Many changes in proposed Illinois governmental smoking laws have taken place since our last meeting. So, in consideration of the current pending status for Illinois SB500 (the "Smoke Free Illinois" bill), I had a complete text hard copy of its contents available for everyone present.

We had individualized promotional matchbooks and pens available at no charge for our attendees to collect for their personal use and also for distribution to promote our 'Freedom of Choice' message. We also had a wide variety of informational and promotional literature available, with multiple free copies of Joe Bast's book, "Please Don't Poop in My Salad". I was able to share some excellent cigars for those interested, from Mike Gold of Arango Cigar Co. in Northbrook.

Gary Kayser gave an excellent presentation/workshop on RYO/MYO cigarettes, and I am linking D&R Tobacco on Illinois Smokers Rights for those interested in more information and a source for ordering supplies to make their own cigarettes. However, Gary did not have the opportunity to complete the second half of his presentation, as was announced in our Agenda (to acquaint us with the formation of his new American Smokers Party and his plans to gain support for its growth).

Several of our attendees had other obligations that day and we then suspended our agenda to break into more informal discussion groups for the remainder of our meeting.

We hope Gary will be able to present the American Smokers Party topic in detail at our next meeting which will, hopefully, be shortly after Labor Day in about two months.

In my opening statement, I announced that we had our committee sign-up sheets available for those present to choose the areas where they would like to become more active, however, we didn't have a chance to circulate them, so I am also going to include the categories in my newsletter to our Illinois mailing list as follow-up. These are the categories and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

- Recruitment (This one gets four stars!)
- Legal Action
- Public Relations
- Technology Allied Group Relations
- Political Action

I would also like to thank our attendees for their generous financial contributions to our cause. And, as a final note for everyone, The Windy City Inn has great food and drinks available...after all, we require nourishment to think and it makes the entire experience far more pleasant! Oh yes, we did smoke!

Best regards,
Garnet Dawn - The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter -
Illinois Smokers Rights -
Illinois Smokers Forum - - Respect Freedom of Choice!

Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - September 23, 2006
Coconut Louie's - Bloomington, IL

As I was unable to be present at our last meeting on September 23rd in Bloomington, I am going to publish Jim Blogg's and David Kuneman's reviews as our recap. Thanks again to Phil Boulds for acting as our host while actively participating in the discussion.

Best regards,
Garnet Dawn - The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter -
Illinois Smokers Rights -
Illinois Smokers Forum - - Respect Freedom of Choice!


From Jim:

Garnet, Jay, and Karen were certainly missed at the 4th Illinois Smokers Rights meeting at Coconut Louie's in Bloomington, and we all felt sorry for them trapped in traffic like sardines and having to breath all those toxic secondhand exhaust fumes, but the level of motivation of those who attended guaranteed a meeting that was intensely focused on success in driving tyranny, insanity, and stupidity out of Illinois. Phil Boulds, our congenial host who made sure we had plenty to eat and drink, a few other Bloomington bar owners, John Palmer up from Springfield, top notch propaganda debunker, Dave Kuneman came in from St. Louis, and me (Jim Blogg) down from Kankakee.

We learned much from John as to what was going on in Springfield and Sangamon County. John had been taking notice of the number of vehicles in tavern parking lots before the ban and comparing to the number in the same parking lots at the same time of day and noticed a sharp decline in business. One example is 33-7. Keep up the recon and intelligence work John, and keep us posted! This ain't over yet!

Very impressed with all of Phil's relentless efforts in fighting against the Antis in Bloomington! However, he is up against a brick wall named Mayor Steve Stockton. He's not giving up and neither should we give up helping him and the other Bloomington business owners who oppose their ban!

We were very fortunate to have Dave Kuneman with us. I consider Dave one of the most effective researchers of the anti-smoking "science" we have. He was a wealth of valuable information and I think we all walked away that night with greatly increased confidence in going up against our local Antis!

Thanks Dave!

Jim Blogg
Forces Illinois


From Dave:

Even in Garnet's absence, Jim and I were able to accomplish enough that the meeting was a valuable experience.

This summary is what I contributed to the meeting.

Insofar as taxation of cigarettes, I said that the IL cigarette tax hike of a few years ago helped finance the overturning of state-wide preemption which now allows local bans to be implemented. I referenced on my page, a link to the American Lung association which describes how the California cigarette tax hike funds were used to pass the CA bans. In addition, many of the 'fake' economic studies claiming bans don't hurt business were financed by the CA cigarette tax.

I described in some detail how Michael McFadden and I used the US Department of Commerce data to show how state-wide bans hurt business in CA, VT, and local bans in NY and MA did the same I also explained the reason why McFadden and I can't carry this research forward past 1998 because the US Department of Commerce switched to the NAICS system, which includes institutional food sales in addition to bars and restaurants after 1998, that the 9-11 attacks and the resulting mini recession along with increasing gasoline costs also impacted B&R sales after year 2000, making it almost impossible to separate out the effects of bans in statistics after year 2000. However, the economic loss due to bans also has adverse health effects on bar and restaurant workers

If Michael McFadden and I are right about economic losses, then Springfield's and Bloomington's bans will cost a 25% income loss which will cost about 500/100,000 premature deaths among their workers each year. This is about 5 excess deaths every 10 years/1000 workers, which is more closely related to approximately how many workers are located in Springfield and Bloomington. The Antis claim secondhand smoke causes about 21 excess deaths per 100,000 bar and restaurant workers each year, or about 0.21/1000 every 10 years. So, even if true, bans cause more workers to die prematurely than more prosperous non-ban workers.

For these reasons, I said that owners in Springfield and Bloomington should ask their councils to pass a provision rebating property taxes to owners who can show they have lost business. If that amount is insufficient to cover losses, then local sales tax receipts should also be rebated to owners to prevent the excess deaths the ban loss will cause.

Really bar and restaurant properties are not public property because owners pay property taxes unlike libraries, schools, etc which really are public places. (Also see )

We need to figure out if health departments have a right to regulate air under the claim that they regulate many other health code aspects of bars and restaurants. The question is, do Bloomington and Springfield health departments write regulations with enough different and unique standards to serve as a precedent for smoke free air regulations? This question has not been answered. If Springfield and Bloomington health departments create totally different regulations from other ordinances across the USA, then I think they have precedence. If they only modify their regulations (such as different dishwasher temperatures, vermin counts, storage temperatures, etc.), then I believe they do not have precedence, because they are introducing totally new regulations of air quality. ..not modifying existing regulations.

Some owners present asked about suing to overturn the ban. I answered that I do not believe the First Amendment "Right-of-owners-to-associate-with-smoking-customers" has been tested. The First Amendment "Right-of-smokers-to-associate-with-each-other" failed in New York because the Judge ruled the smokers can still associate outside the establishment. Not so the owner however, the owner has to stay inside to earn money. I reminded the owners that First Amendment violation does not require eliminating the association, only interfering with that association.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE): "People in separately ventilated nonsmoking areas can be protected, but nonsmokers in the smoking areas are not protected." All food consumed by humanity also contain quantities of carcinogens.

Wood smoke contains all the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke, and fireplaces are not banned in either Springfield or Bloomington. To validate this claim, examine and search "Wood smoke". This same claim also applies to barbeques, which are still legal indoors. I also described how secondhand smoke studies are conducted. I explained why the Enstrom-Kabat study is better than most of the studies which the antis use to promote bans. Also see

In a different vein, I explained how Enstrom and Kabat (of the widely referenced SHS study) were persecuted for finding secondhand smoke safe; how the cost of collecting the data was born by the American Cancer Society, the expense for California to evaluate the data, and how (only when results were found to be null) California funding was suspended. Only then did E/K obtain tobacco funding to publish the findings.

More generally, I explained how epidemiology works and its pitfalls. By comparing secondhand smoke studies to first-hand smoking studies, which linked smoking to lung cancer. First-hand smoking studies found 10-to-20-fold increases in lung cancer, so fewer studies were needed.

Epidemiology textbooks teach that, when results are low - as in secondhand smoke studies, the findings can only be believed if all the studies find the same result. In SHS studies, the results vary from 0.6 up to 4.0, so that condition has not been met. If only one statistically obtained Standard Deviation, of all the studies, determines the Standard Deviation is greater than the 1.3 consensus claim, the resulting claim is inconclusive.

Also, Epidemiology teaches: If results are low, they can be believed if the prevalence of the condition changes when the prevalence of the risk changes. 90% of smoke has been eliminated since 1970, but the prevalence of the conditions has remained the same. If SHS kills 53,000 per year now, it must have been responsible for 450,000 each year in 1970. This is impossible, as determined by simply reading Mortality Statistic tables.

......If different populations with different risk exposure have the expected difference in disease rates, then low results can be believed. But Europeans have greatly increased exposure to SHS, yet about half the incidence of lung cancer as in the USA.

......If a disease has only one known cause, then low results may be believed. However, there are about 40 known causes for lung cancer and an even wider range of causes for heart disease in nonsmokers.

In conclusion, I stated that the science of Epidemiology also teaches us, if a suspected risk exists, "quick case control studies" may be run. These quick-case studies are similar to surveys, where patients diagnosed with (for example) lung cancer are asked if they recall being exposed to great amounts of tobacco smoke, and are asked if they ever smoked. If a majority of the non-smoking patients say they were exposed to quantities of smoke, then the researchers conclude secondhand smoke causes lung cancer. But, according to those same scientific guidelines, we are also taught that the researchers are then supposed to run more expensive and less biased "cohort studies". In this type of study, all participants are healthy at the beginning and are questioned about the amount of their exposure. After a wide time-span of 20 to 30 years, the study subjects are re-contacted to learn if a greater percentage of the exposed group has the disease in question. This is the procedure used in the Enstrom-Kabat study.

If "cohort studies" also find secondhand smoke causes disease, then Epidemiology text books direct that the researchers can conclude "The risk causes the disease". I explained that most large cohort studies, like E/K, do not support the conclusion SHS causes disease and also cited , showing E/K found all cohort studies on heart disease were statistically insignificant when combined.

Dr. Richard Petro, who found the original link between smoking and lung cancer, testified before Parliament, "We cannot determine if SHS causes heart disease." (Note: The reader needs to scroll down half way through this document to reach his testimony.

I hope this is enough for now, and I'm sure I forgot something, please let me know if you have additions or any questions.

David W Kuneman
Director of Research
The Smokers' Club, Inc.

Studies and Editorials

Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - July 22, 2006
The Windy City Inn - Chicago, IL

Our most recent meeting on July 22 at the Windy City Inn just didn't want to end! It was really great! I believe the last of our group broke up and left at about 8:00 p.m. We were all still talking and brain storming right up to the very end. Our meetings are now becoming opportunities to see our friends from previous meetings and also to meet more new smoking advocates. Our attendance is also continuing to improve and everyone is enthusiastic.

We again had attendees present from all over the Chicagoland area and suburbs. The input of ideas and enthusiasm shown by everyone is really wonderful. Ideas just keep piling one on top of another to develop new ways and means for us to organize and keep growing, while fighting smoking bans and tobacco usage taxes. Our discussion covered potential ways to contact more college pro-choice advocates and restaurant owners. We have also begun to address improving our internet communication methods and are lucky enough to have an experienced computer programmer and a knowledgable Webmaster among our group.

I was very pleased to be able to announce to everyone present that "Illinois Smokers Rights" is now recognized by our Secretary of State and Lake County as a registered non-profit corporation. I hope to be able to announce by our next meeting, toward the end of September, that we have made further organizational progress.

Mark your calendars, as we are trying to arrange the next meeting in Bloomington, IL on Saturday, September 23rd. Though the meeting will present a long drive for those of us from further north, it will give many people who live on the south side of Chicago, southern suburbs and those from downstate a much better opportunity to join us. Actually, I plan to find lodging for the night following our meeting and drive back on Sunday.

Returning to the Recap of our meeting, Dominick Versetto gave an excellent presentation/workshop on RYO/MYO cigarettes and provided CD disks for those who desired to watch videos on how to make your own cigarettes, along with a Penn & Teller CD, that I missed watching. We have already requested that he repeat his demonstration at our next meeting.

In addition, it has been suggested that we begin to form committees to follow up upon some of the brain storming ideas we discussed. We hope to be able to sponsor these topics in the near future, but have to be a little patient in the meantime. When we do begin to see some funding, there will be dozens of ways to disperse it and any contributions will be very welcome. Number one -- brochures!!!

As our special guest speaker, Ralph Conner, Public and Government Affairs Director for Heartland Institute, spoke to our group on the topic of smoking issues and the current trend to treat smokers as second class citizens. He also brought us copies of Joe Bast's new book, "Please Don't Poop in My Salad", so that he could share copies with us. I will be bringing copies with me to our next meeting too.

Please contact me, if you would like to receive a copy before then. (Click here to read description)

In conclusion, as we do need to greatly improve our organizational planning and teamwork to improve our effectiveness, our currently suggested committee groups are:

- Recruitment (This one gets four stars!)
- Legal Action
- Public Relations
- Technology Allied Group Relations
- Political Action

Note: However, Illinois Smokers Rights needs to be cautious with our participation on political issues and act only in an informational capacity.

YOU can be politically active on an individual basis though!

Best regards,
Garnet Dawn - The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter -
Illinois Smokers Rights -
Illinois Smokers Forum - - Respect Freedom of Choice!

Why Defend Smokers?
In the series of articles that compose this small book, Joseph Bast uses common sense, real science, and the (almost) lost art of critical thinking to refute and debunk the outlandish claims and comments made by anti-smoking fundamentalists and those who have found great profits in fueling the hysteria.
Where Bast veers from unbiased to biased is when he observes how the sum of this deceit attacks and destroys our freedoms and ultimately our democracy. The slippery slope starts with government making personal choices on your behalf and then using junk science and outright falsehoods to justify their actions. It ends with the total loss of our basic American ideals of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government.

On the subject of freedom, Bast is obviously passionate and his patriotic bias begins to show.

- Joel Sherman, President, Nat Sherman International
From the Foreword

Recap - Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - April 2, 2006
The Windy City Inn - Chicago, IL

Our April 2nd meeting was well attended and very productive. Those present included many new members, and several were from areas south of Chicago. One attendee drove three hours each way to be present.

We are forming committees to begin locating and contacting Illinois restaurants/bars, in addition to city and village officials. It already appears Cicero, Berwyn and other southern suburban Cook County communities have no intention of allowing their towns to be controlled by the Cook smoking ban ordinance, effective March 15, 2007. We need to spread the word that municipalities can reinstitute the original, and less restrictive, Illinois Clean Air Act locally before the deadline. In addition, we are working on a plan to begin locating lawyers to defend Illinois smokers.

Mike Holmes, of Quality Filter Service in the Chicagoland area, clarified several issues about air filtration standards and some of the progress toward establishing clearer and more specific air standard regulations for bars in Chicago and elsewhere.

Meeting attendees suggested that we create new petitions to fight the pending implementation of the full Chicago and Cook smoking bans. We will actually be able to distribute them to bars and restaurants who want to keep fighting the bans, as we will provide printed copies and have people to deliver and share them with business owners by our next meeting. Through input from two members, we are also considering a brochure to be printed as a visual aid in our fight. We are continuing to make and learn about new allies with each gathering. I can't thank everyone enough for their participation!!!

Some who attended our first meeting were not able to attend this one for various reasons, but hope to return next time. We certainly don't expect everyone to be present for every meeting. However, with the new people we met yesterday, our group is growing rapidly. We had enthusiastic participation throughout and all created new friends.

The May meeting will probably be held on the south side (Berwyn, Cicero) to recognize our growing support there. John Manning was a gracious host, and the Windy City Inn is an excellent location. He has invited us return and hold another meeting there in the future.

We hope to hold our next meeting in approximately five weeks, and the majority consensus was to hold future meetings on Saturdays, rather than on Sundays.

Garnet Dawn - The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter -
Illinois Smokers Rights -
Illinois Smokers Forum - - Respect Freedom of Choice!

Recap - Illinois Smokers Rights Meeting - February 18, 2006
Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge - Chicago, IL

Illinois Smokers Rights held a very successful meeting last Saturday, February 18, at the Marshall McGearty Tobacco Lounge in Chicago. Our turnout was excellent and Bill Walker, McGearty's General Manager, was a gracious host. While attendees enjoyed sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes during a very productive first meeting, which lasted almost three hours, we had additional McGearty patrons join our gathering.

Every individual present joined in a spirited discussion of our planned agenda to begin forming Illinois Smokers into a physically productive group. Included among those present were both smokers and non-smokers with the common purpose of defending and promoting individual life-style choices.

We will be meeting again in four weeks to review our progress and further discuss our goals for involving a wider circle of members. In this way, we will be better able to contact our legislative representatives, individual restaurant and bar owners, college pro-choice advocates and others with similar Libertarian viewpoints. We will also be reviewing our committee formation progress and creation of ways to fight tax discrimination against the consumers of a legal product in Illinois.

Garnet Dawn - The Smoker's Club, Inc. - Midwest Regional Director
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter -
Illinois Smokers Rights -
Illinois Smokers Forum - - Respect Freedom of Choice!

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