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What continues to amaze me about the claims that nicotine is addictive are the obvious patterns smokers continually exhibit in relation to the habit of smoking. Anyone who is truly self sufficient/self motivated has to feel rebellious about the continual (and might I add, temporary) social pressure upon smokers to stop indulging in a pleasurable activity. Quitting smoking really isn't so's staying "quit" that is the problem. I, personally, have never tried. Yet, an eight hour day, in the currently miserable airport traveling environment, has given me an idea of what quitting would be like. I'm not afraid of it. I simply see no benefit in making myself unhappy. Dieting, exercising and housework, among many other not-so-favorite activities, pay off with benefits. Quitting smoking does not.

The day I do quit smoking, it will only be because I have been washed up on a desert island and no tobacco is available. I have never fallen for all the scare propaganda about smoking....even a little bit. It may not be the healthiest activity, but sincerely beats so many other more destructive habits. I'm not even a big coffee drinker. I seem to remain healthy while most the people around me are spending their leisure time in doctors' offices for a spectrum of health problems. Common sense and "the poison is in the dose" have always worked for me and my life style.

When most people initially quit smoking they get crabby. That passes in less than a week. So do people who are deprived of their coffee, chocolate, ice cream or other favorite treats/habits. What I find most interesting is that people rapidly get over physical side effects when they quit any pleasurable habit. That can be tolerated. The real "rub" is when time stretches on and the abstainer cannot even remember why they gave up a favorite habit in the first place. It is not an addiction, but the loss of a pleasurable of those private treats we hold dearly, when we have time to enjoy them...something we can look forward to....

That is why people who have quit smoking, go back to it after one, two, five or ten years. A very sheeple type individual I used to know always said that he continued to dream about smoking during the five years he had quit.... That's sad! Of course, that same person seems to be attempting to quit smoking again. What a shame, to let other people's opinions ruin your one chance to "go round" in this life time.

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