Marshall McGearty Tobacco Artisan
Launches Brand and Tobacco Lounge in Chicago

Smoking Ban Impact on Bars/Bowling Centers in Springfield &
Unincorporated Sangamon County, IL

SB 716 - Your Personal Letter to IL Senate Representatives
To copy / paste / e-mail / snail mail


SB 716 - NTUI Releases Open Letter to President Jones and the Illinois Senate Calling for Opposition to County Cigarette Taxes

Press Release - DuPage - IL Tax Monster in Disguise?

Pending County Home Rule Legislation
Enable Counties with a New Layer of Taxation for Illinois Residents?

Has Chicago Smoking Ban Set the Stage for a New Big Brother Invasion?
Mandatory Security Cameras!

Hate Crimes
It is discrimination against a percentage of the population who chooses to buy a legal product!

Burning Challenges
January 23, 2006

Chicago Ban Loss Warning
Michael McFadden

Chicago and D.C. Smoking Bans - Recent Developments...

Alderman Ed Smith's Chicago Smoking Ban Proposal.....Not Altruistic?

Chicago City Council Members: STOP the Proposed Chicago Smoking Ban!
These are Chicago residents' rights being taking away and we have a RIGHT to be angry about that and to let it show......

Minneapolis Warns "Don't let this happen to you"

Chicago Smokers, Fight Back!
Anti-Tobacco Wants Smoking Sections Declared Illegal...

Smoking Bans Violate Fifth Amendment
Aldermen Act to Ban Smoking;
Proposal would make restaurants, bars smoke-free - Chicago, IL

The Effect of a Smoking Ban in Chicago - Illinois Licensed Beverage Association

Good News From Champaign, September 14, 2005

Bounty Hunters Wanted!!!
$5000 Dollar Reward for Information on Smokers...

Tobacco Control Lobby is Blowing Smoke!
Tobacco control groups claim that bans have no effect on... the economics of the hospitality sector, but that sector itself indicates strongly otherwise.

Level Playing Field? -- Not That Again!
Locals split on possible ban on public smoking - Woodstock, Illinois...

Supporting the Boycott!!!
Smokers' Boycott American Cancer Society,
American Lung Association and American Heart Association.

Government 101 - USA is a Democratic Republic
Many people, including our political representatives, seem to be confused as to the basic principles governing the United States of America....

Non-Smoking Restaurants and Holiday Dinners
I am a smoker. I am also an adult who spends money and likes to enjoy myself when I go out to dinner. I like to relax during my leisure time, and do not want to deal with restrictions...

The World Is In A Smoking War
Here we go again with "All smoking activists are just fronts for big tobacco". Give it a rest. It isn't true...

Big Tobacco - The MSA
I hate big tobacco because they sold us out to protect themselves and their stockholders in the Master Settlement Agreement with 46 of our states’ Attorneys General...

Cigarette Smoke Has its Benefits
What is our current definition of clean air? Is it the air we breathe on a cool night, while standing in the desert or on a beach where we can see thousands of stars twinkling in a crystal clear sky...

Anti-smokers and anti-smoking organizations really need to find a new approach.
Every time a new smoking ban is proposed or referenced, we are reminded through the same repetitious examples which OTHER states, cities, corporations, etc. have already initiated....

Your Career - Smoke gets in your demise
I do not agree with your advice and I hope you will be fair enough to print my response, defending smokers...

Smokers Misinformed About Light Cigarettes
Oh come on now, smokers know what they are doing when they smoke a cigarette. We enjoy it!! We are aware of our choice. No wonder the individual citizen is be treated like livestock by...

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