The "Social Isolation Act"

Our Illinois Governor recently signed into law a severe state wide smoking ban, ignoring legal right-to-choice for over two million, eight hundred thousand smokers in our state and constitutional rights of private business owners, but this issue is far from settled. Tobacco control crusaders may attempt to claim this is a health issue, but still remain unable to prove their claims after over thirty years. Health has never been the real issue, but an excuse for demonizing smokers to ultimately eliminate tobacco usage.

In 1975, Sir George Godber, WHO Chairman of the Third World Conference on Smoking and Health in NYC, first suggested social stigmatizing of smokers by eliminating cigarette smoking from many communal occasions and places. He recommended tobacco control agencies try to make it more and more difficult for the individual to smoke cigarettes in public. "There are plenty of weapons of persuasion, of restriction, of financial penalty by price and tax increases with which we could seriously hope to reduce the consumption of cigarettes....He suggested that health agencies and governments at the conference map a strategy to gain real ground..."
--TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1975, Cigarette Fighters Map New Anti-Smoking Plans, NEW YORK (UPI)
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This began the movement to ban smoking in public places and laws to spread smoking bans. Now, over 30 years later, claims of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS/SHS) health threats have not been proven and cancer rates still continue to increase. Smoking ban activists began by claiming the demand for smoking bans was based on public opinion. That soon changed into an argument about 'a level playing field', after the passage of the Illinois Clean Air Act - Home Rule Amendment in 2006. The ban promoters, led by the American Cancer Society and American Lung Association, next trumpeted 'public health' which morphed into 'employee health', another social engineering tactic.

With the wide selection of smoke free hospitality alternatives already available, the Smoke Free Illinois Act remains an unreasonable assault upon the life styles of a large minority of voters and business owners in our state. Anti-smokers may be irritated by tobacco smoke and viciously insult smokers, but their reasoning tends to be for largely selfish and ascetic reasons, not health threats.

I have an alternative suggestion. Rather than states focusing efforts upon smoking ban legislation which discriminates against 25% of the population, will close businesses, eliminate jobs and socially isolate individuals, elected officials should instead encourage tobacco control/health agencies/charities to increase studies to find the real causes of cancer, heart disease and respiratory illnesses. - 08.15.07


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